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RideTek Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know that I used your LidHaulers for my trip from New York to Sturgis, S.D. I was about 160 miles short of 5000 miles round trip and never had to worry about losing my belongings. Thanks Peggy
- Peggy-- New York
I just wanted to say you guys have a great product. I purchased your lidhaulers and lidsaks last February and installed them on my 1998 roadking. They seemed to be well put together and I liked the idea of something finally being made in America that fits my Harley. Since then I have used them on three runs this summer and can't believe how handy they are. Thanks again, you guys have a winner.
- Dave Johnson - Milwaukee
I want to thank you for your wonderful product. It is totally awesome. I like the sleek look and the protection the "LidHaulers" give my Electra Glide. Also, I would like to thank you for your prompt response. Customer service is a big factor for any business and I will recommend your product and service to everybody. Thanks again
- F. Wright - California
I bought your LidHaulers & LidSaks in June & have rode about 6,000 miles since then using them & think they are great, in fact it would be nice to have a set of LidCovers without straps just to protect the tops of the saddlebags. I put a sleeping bag, tent and pad on one side with a cyclecover & leather jacket on the other, probably had them overloaded but everything works great thanks for a great product. SAM
- Samuel Peterson - Washington
I installed a pair of LidHaulers on my Electra-glide Ultra Classic just prior to taking a trip from Arizona to Maine. Although the Ultra's Tour-Pak interferes with the amount of gear I could strap onto the LidHaulers, I was still able to get two leather jackets, one on each side. They worked well throughout the trip and were especially effective in keeping the surface of the saddlebag lids clean. We were rained on several times but the saddlebags remained watertight. All in all, I was very pleased with the LidHaulers and very glad I bought them.
- Joe Wisdom - Arizona
Thanks for your prompt response. Just wanted to mention how pleased I am with the performance of your RideTek products. We used your LidHaulers and LidSaks on a 5700 mile trip cross country and enjoyed the extra carrying capacity and the protection of the saddlebag lids. After removing the LidHaulers, the saddlebags lids still look brand new! I was also able to transport a poster tube strapped to one side for the last 1500 miles. Thanks again, Steve
- Steve May
I purchased a set of LidHaulers and LidSaks with more than a bit of hesitation being the cheap SOB I am. However after putting more than 6000 miles on my 1995 Road King this summer on a trip from L.A. to Chicago and back, they turned out to be worth every penny and more. No way 2 people could have gone 4 weeks without the extra hauling/storage capacity they provided. The leathers were strapped to one of the bags from the time we crested the Cajon Pass in California heading out, till we got cold and rained on at the Grand Canyon on the way back. Rolled up and wrapped to keep clean as well as dry, they fit perfectly across the top of the saddlebag and arrived home in the exact same condition as they left. Can't say the same for our skin though. And the other LidSak worked great as our clothing bag, cinched up and strapped to the other saddlebag. After the trip, I undertook the painful task of cleaning 6000 miles of road grime off the bike. When I took the LidHaulers off the saddlebags, the tops were still as clean as the day I put them on. I still leave them on around town just to protect the tops of the bags from the ol' ladies heels as she hops on and off the back. Almost every "bagger" owner that sees them comments after a few moments reflection, "I gotta get me some of those". Another chapter member had harsh words for me after seeing them for not telling him about them sooner. Seems he had just gotten his lids repainted from "wife scratches" and a week later she did it again. The LidCovers would have saved way more than they cost for the repaint that was again needed. This is an extreemly useful product that anybody that travels on a "bagger", or cares about the paint on the top of his saddlebags MUST have. Thanks, Mike
- Mike Nunberg - Los Angeles
I ordered your LidHaulers and LidSaks for my Harley. They work great. I enjoy having the extra space in my saddle bags for other things. I have had many riders ask about them and where I got them. Now I'm ordering an other set for a family member. Thank You.
- B.C. Texas
I want to thank RideTek for a great product. I like the protection the "LidCovers" give my 2000 Road Glide. Customer service was first rate, I would like to thank you for your quick response. I will recommend your product and service to anyone. Thanks again
- R. Pankievich- Oceanside CA.
We used your system for the first time on our recent trip to Laughlin. It was easy to install and use, and expanded our carry capability two fold. A great product that any serious cycle traveller should consider. And it looks great...for the first time in years we didn't look like the Beverly Hillbillies with everything bungee corded everywhere!
- R. DeRusha- Colorada
I have a 2000 Electra Glide that has been customized with filler pieces over the rear fender struts which makes it impossible to tie anything down when we take road trips. I saw your add for LidHaulers just before we left on a 1800 mile trip I ordered them on Friday and had them on Tuesday and I would like to say they are GREAT. They not only worked well for hauling rain gear and leathers but I was also able to put a bag on my rear seat and use a net to hold it to my LidHaulers. They also look great when the LidSak's are not on them . Thanks Bill for all your help and a Great Idea.
- Shain Smith / Donnellson Iowa
Got a set from Bill Eft at Chubby Customs in Springfield Mo. and I LOVE THEM!!! You will too!! Keeps those lids nice,and when you packing your tourpack,you can lay stuff on the lids without scratching them. They look good too!
- Big Mike Griffin- Nashville
Thought they were a great idea. Was not to sure how they attached, followed the instructions? and they went on like a glove, glad to have them now.
- Craig Dewis- Alberta Canada
Product looks good, brings the seat and backrest all together, and serves a purpose of keeping the saddlebag tops looking new. the best thing about it, it fits! Thank you
I really like the LidHaulers, they protect the lid from scratches and give you that extra storage. My wife wants them for her bike, so we are ordering our second set. Great product.
- John Cunningham - Ca.
What a great product! We've always wanted a convenient and attractive way to haul extra luggage on our hard bags. We'll be taking these along on all our trips.
- C. Grinols - Ca.
I ordered your LidHaulers and LidSaks for my California to Sturgis trip. I was so happy with the fit and finish of the products that I am ordering your LidCovers for my shorter trips that don't require much storage. My wife loves the fact that she can now put her hands on the hard bags without leaving finger prints. (OK I love it!)
- Tom Stone - Manteca Ca.
Wow what a difference the LidCovers make! Not only do they look sharp (my buddies I ride with ask me where to get them) but I don't worry about my wife getting on and dragging her leg accross my hard bags. Love them ! Keith
- Keith Laster- Corona Ca.
The LidHaulers are one of the best accessories you can put on a bike. They keep the lids of the saddlebags from getting kicked and nicked up. I love the way you can carry extra gear, coats, and chaps that are then at your finger tips. Thanks for a great innovation.
- John Barnes- Bismarck ND
I recently purchased your LidHaulers for my Police Road King. They were on less than a month when my wife called while I was out riding and asked me to pick up something from the store. I couldn't have done it without the lidHaulers. She was happy, and I was happy. Just ordered a set of LidCovers. Great product!!!
- Jim Woods - Summersville S.C.
The LidHauler - LidSak combo works great. I installed them on my FLHT and made several long trips...2000 miles or more. Wife and I stowed leathers, rainsuits, handbag, sweaters and other assorted stuff in them. Even on a long rainy day of 500 miles, the stuff stayed dry. On shorter trips, the lidhaulers are a great place to strap down the leathers when the afternoon heats up. If you are a touring rider, there isn't a more useful accessory. Sure beats the bungee cord tangle.
- Walter Slizofski - Wyncote, Pa
Not often do you encounter a great product, with fantastic customer support. I purchased the Lidhaulers with the Lidsaks, and had a minor problem with one of the closures. Within a couple days, I had TWO new Lidsaks..and haven't had a problem since. Refreshing to know some manufacturers really DO stand behind their product!
- Larry Shawnee KS
Really like the products a lot (LidHaulers and LidSaks) and have recommended them to a lot of friends and people who have seen them on my bike. Thanks for the excellent service.
- Mike Mower
Just a note to say thank you for getting our LidHaulers and LidSaks to us in time for our trip to Washington DC for Rolling Thunder. They arrived and were very easy to install on our Road Glide. The LidSaks held our rain gear and a jacket, (yes, the jacket was a stretch) and on the way home, we had the rain gear and our wind breakers in them with the leather jackets strapped to the top of the Saks. They worked flawlessly and I couldn't say enough good things about them. Thanks for a great product. John
- John & Vicky Murray
I purchased my "LidHaulers" & "LidSaks" at The Laughlin River Run in 2002 and have had them on my '95 FLHTC since then. I wouldn't want anything else after having these for several years.
- Joe Sanchez
Fantastic product!!!! I do alot of traveling on my bike and not only does it protect my bags but it increases the amount of "stuff" my wife can bring along when we use the cargo bags. I Strongly recommend this product and company.
- Cary Sakol
Your guy's product saved me on the way back from Laughlin. The combo of straps and saks work great!!!! Thanks again.
- jesse miller
I purchased your Lid Covers last year for my Ultra. Both my wife and my son had a tendency to drag boots across the top of the saddle bags. I had no problem putting the covers on. Now my son (age 7) can even put his feet up on the saddlebags without rubbing the saddlebags. His feet rest against the covers. I've checked a couple times, and the soft underside has really taken care of the paint. Thanks a lot guys. Bob
- Robert Barrieault
I bought a set of lid haulers 3 years ago and have had nothing but good to say about them. I just ordered a set for my friend for a gift. Great product. I would reccomend them to anyone that has a bagger.
- Jeff Isom
Just wanted to make a comment on your RideTek LidCovers. Fantastic product!! I just placed an order for a new set for my bike. I previously had a set on my 2002 FLHT Electra Glide. After 72,000 miles I traded my bike in and removed the LidCovers from the saddlebags...Not A Scratch ! The saddlebag lids were flawless and really helped with the trade in value. Naturally I had to order a new set for my new bike 2010 FLHTC Electra Glide since the last set did such an excellent job. I would highly recommend these to anyone. They look great, fit great and I never had any problems with them for all the years and miles I had them. Thanks much for a great product!!
- Bob Kimmer

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