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LidCover (Pair)
  • LidCoverTM protects saddlebag lids with style.
  • Prevents Scratches, Scuffs and conceals existing ones.
  • Portable
  • Easy Install
  • Weather Resistant
  • Fits 1993 through 2013 Only Harley-Davidson ® FLT/FLH/FLX Models with O.E.M. Painted Hard Saddlebags
  • American Made
  • Sold in pairs (Left and Right)
LidCover (Pair)
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$ 109.95
Owners of Harley-Davidson® FLT/FLH/FLX touring models 1993 Through 2013, with O.E.M. painted hard saddlebags that need to protect their saddlebag lids from scratches, scuffs and chips now have a unique solution.

RideTekTM, the producer of LidHaulersTM and LidSaksTM has now introduced LidCoversTM, a patented, American made, completely portable product that fits over saddlebag lids like a protective glove. LidCovers are manufactured with one piece heavy construction not thin, three pieces sewn together. This is important because you don't want folded seams resting on the entire edges along the length of your lids to potentially cause paint damage. In addition there is no loose material flapping in the wind or unsecured edges that curl up around the entire diameter.

LidCoversTM protect the painted lid surface from damage due to boot heels and chips with style.

Installation is fast and easy. Simply rough the inner surface to be attached, clean with a solvent such as isopropyl alcohol, following safe handling procedures. Clean the painted surface thoroughly, then peel and stick the supplied high temperature adhesive backed Velcro® to the corresponding attachment points on the inner lids. Remove both LidCoversTM for 24 hours to let the adhesive setup.

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