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Why Didn't We Think of This?
V-Twin Magazine -

In an effort to make cruising life easier for riders, RideTek came up with two new products that get an A+ for function and ease of use. The LidHauler and LidSak, they make packing gear a pleasure.

The LidHauler, made from quality weather resistant materials, turns your 1993 to present factory FLH/FLT fiberglass saddlebag lids into a neat and secure carrying system. The LidHauler system consists of a padded cover/securing platform that snugs over the bag lids. They're fitted with D-rings and two 1-inch straps which secures your carry-ons. For example: the 9.5" X 20.5" LidSak, is a form of duffel that is carried aboard the bag lids. They're designed to carry lightweight, soft material such as leather jackets and sleeping bags, the bulky stuff. This allows you to utilize the interior of the saddlebags for smaller stuff.

LidHauler and LidSak, both in biker black, are those kinds of relatively simple solutions that work great, and it's like an extra helping hand toting extra gear. Check out RideTek's Web site for more details and other user-friendly products at www.ridetek.com or call (480) 752-3556."

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RideTek's Cargo System
Hot Bike - Steve Bohn

"They say there are no new ideas, just old ones recycled.
Correct us if we're wrong, but the good folks at RideTek have come up with a great new and practical way to increase the storage capacity on Harleys fitted with O.E.M. fiberglass saddlebags from 1993 to present.
LidHaulers, LidSaks and LidCovers."

"When you're running around town and don't need the extra storage space, just replace the LidHaulers with a set of LidCovers. You'll have protection from grit, scratches and annoying boot marks that you and your passengers leave while getting on and off your bike."

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Expanding your bike's carrying capacity
Iron Works Magazine - Bogeman

" Experienced touring riders know that when your main squeeze wants to take a road trip with you,then you had better make provisions for packing extra gear. Simply, an extra person on board means more gear to haul. That's where RideTek's LidHaulers and LidSak products can help.

The LidHauler is a soft vinyl cover for saddlebag lids that was engineered to fit late model ( 1993 to Present ) Harleys. The LidHauler attaches to the top of the saddlebag lids with the help of adhesive-backed high temperature Velcro installed on the inside of the lids. Once installed the LidHaulers allow you to strap on additional soft luggage to the saddlebag lids, thanks to the D-rings and 1.5" wide nylon web straps that are sewn onto the black vinyl material.

LidSaks, as the name suggests are accesories designed to be used with LidHaulers. They're a pair of coated 420 denier nylon bags that measure 9.5" x 20.5" with drawstring closures and cord locks to secure the opening. The LidSaks include compression straps to lessen the bulk of articles stuffed into them, so you can stow quite a bit of gear into a small space. We used ours for sleeping bags, but you could easily store jackets, pants, rainsuits, or any soft gear you just can't live without on the road. The LidSaks are easy to mount-just use the LidHaulers straps to hold them in place. Additionally, the LidHauler can help protect your bag lids from getting scratched.

RideTek designed this system to help riders manage the storage of lightweight bulky items in a balanced, orderly and secure fashion. For touring riders, where extra cargo space is always at a premium, RideTek has stepped up to offer an effective solution. "

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RideTek LidHauler/LidSak Product Review
Thunder Press Magazine - Tom Kline

" If you are planning any touring I recommend that you look into the RideTek LidHauler/LidSaks system. The only catch is that you need the 1993-to-present Harley, O.E.M. fiberglass saddlebags. These are the saddlebags that open from the side and avoid the annoying disappearance of the lid due to faulty latching while careening along at a blissful 80 mph. The '93 design allows RideTek to offer some genuine convenience in packing your gear along.

RideTek developed saddlebag LidHaulers and LidSaks after years of touring and facing the aggravations of packing a bike efficiently.

The LidHauler is a heavy vinyl shroud with a soft underside that attaches to the lid with adhesive backed Velcro ? the real kind that actually holds. A Velcro base is attached with its own adhesive at the four corners of the inside of the lid. The LidHauler, miraculously cut to fit exactly, has flaps for each corner that fold under the lid and complete the Velcro bond. The LidSak is held in place by two web straps fitted with D-rings that are stitched onto the LidHauler. The contents of the LidSaks are cinched into tight, stable packages with two outer nylon web straps that are stitched to the bags and fitted with buckles. The web belts of the LidHauler and the LidSaks are both a bit longer for larger items.

The bags are described as being of "waterproof urethane-coated oxford nylon." Although I have not had the opportunity to ride in the rain with them I have no reasonable doubt that the bags and the storm flap, of the same material, would prove as watertight as your will ever need to ride in the rain. I tested that impression by blasting the LidHauler/LidSak setup with a wand at a car wash. Nothing got wet. If you ride long enough to defeat the watertight qualities of the design you're probably concerned with something other than a little dampness.

The drawstrings on the Lidsaks are a pull-tight design. They are secured with a spring-loaded cord lock. It is the easiest to work of any such fastener I have ever encountered. My usual response to the first sight of such things is negative, because as an article of faith they do not operate easily and seldom hold. Not so with the LidSak. The lock works smoothly and holds tightly.

The result of it all is that the LidHauler/LidSak combination allows you to stop for the night and take what you need off the bike without disturbing the rest of your packing as long as your nighttime needs are in the line of underwear and toothbrushes, dry socks and jeans, jackets and gloves? and things like that.

It is difficult to write anything as positive as this but it represents my honest attempt at an objective impression. I even like the way the LidHauler looks on my bike. And, when left on the bike, the tie-down straps hidden in the saddlebags, protects the lid from scratches. I recommend it for that alone to anyone buying a new bike.

I also sing high praise for LidHauler/LidSak because the only difficulty that I had installing it was my condition on the morning of New Year's Day. Two partners and I struggled for 30 minutes in the parking lot of the Stagecoach Inn in Pollack Pines, California, to figure out the installation because we had lost the instructions. Any functional person could have done it with intuition and attention to detail alone in 10 minutes. "

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Saddlebag LidHaulers
American Iron Magazine - D. Santagata

" LidHaulers have a smart look as well as the LidSak waterproof storage bags, which have two compression straps that easily strap on in seconds. LidHaulers are installed with a hook and loop fastening system, which is secured to the inside lids with adhesive backed Velcro strips. You can then just slip them over the lids and they fit like a glove. One of my concerns was that sand or dirt would get trapped underneath and scratch my paint. However, after 1300 miles through Florida's sun and sand during Daytona Bike Week 2001, when I removed the LidHaulers to clean the bike the lids were not affected.

I was on the road when I saw something I wanted, but normally would not have bought due to lack of storage. However I was able to put my rain gear, half-helmet, etc., in the LidSaks and strap it all down to the Lidhaulers which freed up my saddlebags.

Overall, for the simplicity of the LidHaulers, the rewards are significant. They not only look great but are practical, affordable and give you that extra storage when you need it. "

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LidHauler / LidSak
Friction Zone Magazine - S. Dukes

" You are getting ready to go on that trip you have been planning for so long. As you are figuring out how to pack your Harley you realize you have more items than you have room for. You tell yourself I really need all this gear. Ok, maybe you can leave the television home. You know if you had some way of carrying some of the light stuff on your saddlebag lids without hurting the lids, the paint and still be able to easily get into the bags you would be all set. Well get ready to make that ride with RideTek. RideTek of Tempe AZ. has designed the LidHauler for Harley Davidson's FL touring models from 1993-present with stock OEM fiberglass saddlebags.

The LidHauler is made of quality weather-resistant black vinyl that looks like leather and is lined with a soft white underside that prevents damage to the painted surface of the lid. Each LidHauler comes with 2 - 1.5" wide by 36" long nylon web straps with D- rings and one end is directly sewn to the LidHauler. Installation is fairly simple. First you clean the inner and outer lid surface thoroughly. Next mark where the enclosed Velcro is going to go and then take some scotchbrite or sandpaper and rough up the area so as to give the adhesive more gripping power. Then clean the area with alcohol to remove the dust. Next you attach the Velcro strip to the front underside of the saddlebag lid, by removing the adhesive backing and press firmly. You repeat the procedure at the rear of the lid and then the 4 remaining attachment points. "

The LidHauler fits like a custom made glove. Note: LidHaulers were designed to carry lightweight, soft natural items like jackets, clothes, sleeping bags etc. Do not carry heavy, sharp or metal objects like tents, machine guns, bazookas etc. Warning: always store the loose straps inside the saddlebags when not carrying the gear so the straps won't get tangled in the rear wheel or belt drive. When not in use the LidHaulers are easily taken off and stored and with the velcro hidden inside the lids there are no tell tale signs.

Now for those of you who want a nice and neat way of carrying all that gear and don't want everyone to see what you are carrying, RideTek also makes the perfect companion called the LidSak to go along with the LidHauler. The LidSak is a high quality expandable compressor bag made of waterproof urethane coated oxford nylon. If you get caught in the rain at least your gear will stay nice and dry. Each LidSak is 9.5" diameter x 20.5" long with 2 ? 1" wide by 35" long nylon compression straps and ladder locks. The bags also come with a round bottom, a 1" wide handle strap, drawstring closure with a cord lock and a inside storm flap to keep the weather from sneaking inside.

Both the LidHauler and LidSak are made in the USA. I found that the LidHauler and LidSak to be well made and do what they are intended for. Now that I have all this extra room what did I do with those extra loud Hawaiian shirts?

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Haulin' More
Hot Rod Bikes Magazine - T. Caneven

" Forget to be or not to be, style or utility, that is the question! Now you can have both with help from RideTek. RideTek's new, portable saddlebag LidHauler and LidSaks will help you haul more of your gear around without cramping your style once you've arrived.

With simple installation and durability tested over thousands and thousands of miles, the LidHauler and LidSak are just what you need to extend you next trip. "

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